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Online Reputation Management Services

In an Industry that you can't harvest your past clients for reviews?

Get FTC Compliant Reviews using our Unique Approach to improve your business' image online.

Who is the Reputation MD

Who is the Reputation MD

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Reputation Management Created by REAL Business Owners FOR Business Owners

Todd Lewis is no rookie in the world of online reputation. For the past 16 years, he has fought against unfair negative reviews for his businesses and clients on many review platforms. In addition to offering complaint mediation services, Todd and the ReputationMD’s team have developed a proprietary online reputation revamp program. It's specifically designed for businesses that do not want to solicit reviews from their databases or for those in industries that are often unfairly negatively reviewed. This system leads to positive FTC compliant reviews that help to bury the negative ones, and level the reputation playing field. Additionally, with his advanced knowledge of the Better Business Bureau's policies and procedures, he has helped dozens of businesses regain a favorable rating that they can be proud of and use to their marketing advantage. Want to learn more? Click here to contact us.

"Doctor" Todd Lewis

Todd Lewis, the Reputation MD

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We will assess your needs after reviewing your business' online reputation and suggest solutions and services that will be beneficial to your company.

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